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by cwpfx
06 May 2007
Forum: MCFX
Topic: all feeds frozen
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:( All pairs seem to be frozen on all ports. Port 8000 stopped updating about 21:25 and ports 9000 and 7000 stopped about 17:55.
by cwpfx
13 Apr 2007
Forum: MCFX
Topic: General Reliability
Replies: 2
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I'd like to add my "kudos" to the Support staff for greatly improving the reliability of data delivery. These past 2 weeks have been a pleasure and restored my faith in MCFX.
Congrats on the great work ... and thanks.
by cwpfx
18 Mar 2007
Forum: MCFX
Topic: Problems with data
Replies: 15
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:( I have been trying MCFX for 4 weeks now. Sorry to say the most notable feature of MCFX is the UNRELIABLE data feed. Many times a week I have noticed data gaps, stretching from 20 minutes to 10 hours. Usually these gaps are in individual pairs. But, Friday's complete outage caught me in trades and...

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