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by chop
15 May 2007
Forum: MultiCharts
Topic: PaintBar or ShowMe bar code?
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If (conditions) then

Normally I just do PlotPaintBar(H,L,O,C,"somename",Color);

This takes up Plots 1-4, so if you're using the same code to plot other things, start with Plot5(whatever).
by chop
02 Apr 2007
Forum: MultiCharts
Topic: Problem setting plot color
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Problem setting plot color

Plots the angle just fine, but really should be doing SetPlotColor when the angle goes from neg. to pos., i.e. crosses to above zero. Am I overlooking some (painfully) obvious detail here? I can't imagine making the code much simpler. Inputs:Price(Close); Vars:Angle(0); Angle=ArcTangent(Price-Price[...

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