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by bucks
15 Sep 2017
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version: MultiCharts64.11.0.14943.400_Release_x64_R2 issues: 1.same as the "cursor lagging" problem. I switch to mc11x64 from mc7.4x86; the funny thing is that mc7.4 is no lagging compared to super lagging mc11x64.... :shock: 2.mc11x64 R1 can open wsp of older version, but R2.....CAN NOT.....
by bucks
22 Jul 2011
Forum: MultiCharts
Topic: The close price of specific date/bar
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The close price of specific date/bar

Hi I'm trying to find out if there's a syntax which can return the close price of a specific date(or bar). By inserting a study of a custom line in a chart, instead of a custom indicator, we can get the result very quickly. Say, close[100] returns the close price of 100 bars ago; however, for exampl...
by bucks
29 Jul 2008
Forum: MultiCharts
Topic: Connecting dde to page of excel workbook
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Re: Connecting dde to page of excel workbook

I am trying to connect the dde to ibbrokers sample worksheet, it works fine referencing the first page on a work book but I need to extract data from mother named pages. I have tried the following syntax in the settings template to connect to the Market depth page and get errors messages in Test. =...

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