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by PietroCH
05 Feb 2019
Forum: MultiCharts .NET
Topic: Custom chart type
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Custom chart type

Dear All, We would like to add a new chart type, which is not on the default list offered by MutiCharts .NET. For example, we would like to create a chart type by drawing a "ball" or "triangles" or "squares". Can we do this? Is there any documentation for that? We understood that the Custom resoluti...
by PietroCH
25 Jan 2019
Forum: MultiCharts .NET
Topic: MultiCharts .NET tutorials
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Re: MultiCharts .NET tutorials

Dear JoshM,
I found your tutorial very interesting. I wonder if you have anything to describe how to use the Custom Resolutions feature, or at least if you can suggest something for that.

Best regards,


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