MC 11 reload of data

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MC 11 reload of data

Postby quantum777 » 11 Sep 2017

Hi, does anyone know of any hot key for reloading data for last 1 day. The cntrl-r hotkey only reloads all data. Jeff

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Kristina MultiCharts
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Re: MC 11 reload of data

Postby Kristina MultiCharts » 13 Sep 2017


There is no hot key combination for reloading data for last day only. To reload data for 1 day select View in the main menu, select Reload and click 1 Day Back. Also a chart can be reloaded for 1 day by typing
.rld int = 1 day into the Command Line toolbar. You can read more about it here: ... mmand_Line

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Re: MC 11 reload of data

Postby arjfca » 13 Sep 2017

You could create your own HotKey using AutoHotKey

This is the code using AutoHotKet for setting "Alt 1" to reload i day

If WinActive("ahk_class ATL_MCMDIMainFrame")
ControlClick, Edit5 ; Click on Scale box
sleep, 50
Send .rld int = 1 day {Enter}
sleep, 50

I do use such hotkey to define the scale using my keyboard.
Look for AutoHotKey_Time_Stroke in MC site. I did published the entire code if I recall.


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