Saving/Reloading/Moving Root Settings from Symbol Dictionary

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Saving/Reloading/Moving Root Settings from Symbol Dictionary

Postby MC_Prog » 17 Mar 2012


Is there any way to save and reload your manually created root settings in the Symbol Dictionary?

Two reasons why this would be desirable:

1. So that you don't need to recreate each entire custom Root definition from scratch on a 2nd or 3rd machine.

2. So that other Roots which are very similar to an existing root can be created by copying the existing root and quickly editing the minor difference(s) rather than re-making from scratch.

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Re: Saving/Reloading/Moving Root Settings from Symbol Dictio

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 19 Mar 2012

Hello MC_Prog,

There are two symbol dictionary files in the current version of MultiCharts:
Dictionary.csv - for older versions
Dictionary.ucs2.csv - for newer versions

You can do the backup/share of the symbol dictionary files or change them manually.
The files are located in the MultiCharts data bases folder.
Please keep in mind that all manual changes are performed at your own risk.

Unfortunately there is no "Clone symbol root" feature in the QuoteManager at the moment.
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