When is the next update coming out

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When is the next update coming out

Postby mustbecrap » 16 Jan 2007


I am wondering if anyone has any ideas as to when the next update will be coming out...

my reason for asking is that there is obviously a lot of bugs still to sort out. The program freezes constantly on changes of settings, performs mulitliple error checks. I can spend 10 min constantly end tasking and restarting the program a dozen times before it comes back on....

I see that the currency version had a release in January. Maybe that fixed a lot of these errors...

does anyone know??


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Postby Kate » 17 Jan 2007

Most likely, the next version will be released this week.

As concerns the issue when MultiCharts freezes on changes of settings, we'd like to take a look at this via Helpdesk. If possible please contact us and we'll certainly find what is the reason and help you with this issue.


Postby Friend » 24 Jan 2007

Is any updates on next release date?

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Postby Kate » 25 Jan 2007

We will release this version as soon as we finish testing it.


Postby Guest69 » 26 Jan 2007

I hope you guys addressed the pacing issue with IB. This is getting really annoying having to wait a hour just to load data from midnight to 7am on 3 symbols.

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