A reserved word triggering when a study is switched off

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A reserved word triggering when a study is switched off

Postby ABC » 11 Sep 2013


I came across a feature in TS, that seems very useful and would have solved many problems if we could use something similar in Multicharts.
It's an UnInitialized event that let's you execute code when a study is switched off. I am aware that this is part of their OOEL and that something similar might be possible with MC.NET already, but having this feature in the regular Multicharts would be great.
This would be very useful in cleaning up when using Global Variables, ELC and additions like that.
Maybe this is not even possible with PowerLanguage due to the even driven character of the language, meaning that code usually needs a tick to be executed.

Let me give you an example where this could be used:

When you work with Global Variables and switch the sending study off, the value for the Global Variable will remain at it's last stored value. How can you make other charts aware of the status change in the sender study?
Currently you'd have to check for the last update time, but that creates problems with inactive markets for example.
With a reserved word that would be triggered once when you switch the status off, you can set a variable via Global Variables and the other charts can be aware of the status change.

This is just a simple, basic example and I am sure there are many more where such a reserved word would be the perfect solution.

I am sure other users would benefit from that, too and would have use for such a reserved word not only for the above example.

Feedback from other Multicharts users is highly appreciated.


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Re: A reserved word triggering when a study is switched off

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 22 Oct 2013

Hello ABC,

Please describe the implementation of this functionality in more details in the Project Management section of our website so the other users can vote for it: https://www.multicharts.com/pm/

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