Oanda Login Procedure Automation

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Oanda Login Procedure Automation

Postby Bundscalper1 » 18 May 2015


I am wondering if any Oanda User has found a solution to automate the Oanda Login procedure in Multicharts ?

MC support says there is no native automation to that, but perhaps someone managed to figure out some kind of automation.

Any idea would be appreciated.


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Re: Oanda Login Procedure Automation

Postby fbertram » 22 May 2015


I have no idea how the login procedure for Oanda works. But I assume what you need to do is:
* launch some application
* wait for it to pop up a window
* enter login credentials into the appropriate fields

If that is the case, you might find some inspiration how to do that here:

I have done similar things with AutoIT, in case programming Perl is not your cup of tea.

Cheers, Felix

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