MC report error: Not ennough physical memory

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MC report error: Not ennough physical memory

Postby arjfca » 18 May 2015


Since few week, my PC is unstable, I took a day off and when I re-look at my PC, it had rebooted by himself. After reloading MC with one chart, I had an error message " not enough physical memory"

What is strange is that it look like every time I have a problem with my PC, it seem to occur after that by mistake I tried to download a huge historical data bar series like 1000 ticks bar starting in December 2013.

MC staff told me that the error is probably cause by Java. I did installed last week the latest Java version.

My system use MC 64 with 24GB ram and with processor Intel I5

Last week, I did test the memory with memtest86 for 6 pass with no fault.

I'm lost in the process to diagnose the faulty part of my PC<

Is it a
- software problem: Java, MC, Windows etc?
- Machine (physical problem)?

Any idea on what tool I could use to pin point the problem. It is intermittent. I don't know where to look

Any info or input appreciated.


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Re: MC report error: Not ennough physical memory

Postby TJ » 18 May 2015

Lesson #1 -- never upgrade anything unless you have to.

I am still using old Java Version 7 Update 55 and old TWS. I will only upgrade if I am pushed.

Your MultiCharts might be 64 bit, but what other software you are running in your computer? If those software are 32 bit, they are still restricted by the 2 GB limitation and can run out of memory. Is the warning from MultiCharts? or from Windows?

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Re: MC report error: Not ennough physical memory

Postby hughesfleming » 19 May 2015

Hi Martin,

I have also had this problem with the same error and I am not using java. In my case, I was also working with very large tick files. On occasion Multicharts would very quickly start using all the memory and I would have to kill the process in windows task manager.

I have not had this problem in the last month and I have not been able to reproduce the error. Rebooting always seemed to fix things. A side effect of these crashes created some problems in the database where MC would have to backfill the tick data again giving me slight differences in the formation of the bars. I never found a way to get back to my starting point so now I backup the database everyday.

If it happens again, I will pay attention and take notes.

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