Multicharts & Windows 10  [SOLVED]

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Multicharts & Windows 10

Postby nuno-online » 29 Nov 2015

i installed Windows 10 and latest TWS (IB build 954.2)
When I open Multicharts 9.1 Realease build 12010, i have this message
" Interactive Brokers client software is not installed or incompatible
Please install latest version of client Software "

Is there a problem with Windows 10?

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Re: Multicharts & Windows 10

Postby raziel » 29 Nov 2015

I have the same configuration (Windows 10, latest TWS (IB build 954.2),
MC 9.1 Realease build 12010) and encounter the same problem.

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Re: Multicharts & Windows 10

Postby sptrader » 29 Nov 2015

I had the same issue too, if you go back to an older version of TWS, it will connect...
I'm using build 952.1 from about August 2015 ...

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Re: Multicharts & Windows 10  [SOLVED]

Postby TJ » 29 Nov 2015

I always tell people, and I will say it again.

If trading is your business (ie not a hobby, not an experiment, not a pastime),
don't modify a working system,
don't upgrade anything,
don't change anything,
don't touch anything,
leave the system working as is,
unless you desperately need those new features in the new releases.

I always run my TWS version until they send me notice that they will not support it anymore.
I have yet to meet someone who upgraded TWS because of the new features.

Lessons learned.

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Re: Multicharts & Windows 10

Postby nuno-online » 30 Nov 2015

Where can I found an older version of TWS?
I didn't find .

thank you

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Re: Multicharts & Windows 10

Postby evdl » 30 Nov 2015

Although I agree with TJ, to not update to the latest software versions for no apparent reason. It is still a problem to some.

I use the webbased login of TWS, because it gives more flexibility for login on different pc's and have the same settings. This login is updated automatically. You can not control this. The latest version is Build 954.2l, Nov 25, 2015 1:29:54 PM. Fortunately I still use MultiCharts64 Version 9.0 Release (Build 11210) with W7. And this works.

Considering that some users can use W10 with MC9.1 with an older TWS version and W7 with the lastest TWS also functions. It is probably worthwhile to investigate what the issue can be, whether it is TWS or MC or W10 or a combination of this.

The oldest TWS I could find is 952.2:
https://individuals.interactivebrokers. ... 16042&ns=T

I hope this will work for you.

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Re: Multicharts & Windows 10

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 17 Dec 2015

Please install the updater from this post to be able to connect to the latest versions of IB TWS:

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