IB Gateway with MC questions  [SOLVED]

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IB Gateway with MC questions

Postby Ming80 » 26 May 2016

Hi Guys,
This question is veered a little more towards IB Gateway users using MC. This has been discussed here many times on the TWS log off making trading very unreliable and to circumvent this is to use IB gateway which does not need the log-off and is way more stable. But from what I know, gateway has little interface which makes me slightly hesitant before proceeding. My question as follows for MC gateway users:

1) How do you track total open P/L changes? (Under Order and position tracker > Open Positions - it shows individual positions P/L, but it does not have the total P/L across all positions, as well as the realized and unrealized P/L for the day. There is an Open P/L under the accounts tab in the position tracker but it seems to be just the Balance - Equity (suppose this is the maintenance margin?)

2) In the case of an outage and upon reconnection, would you be able to tell what orders are already resting at IB and cancel all of them accordingly? (Since MC Orders tab only shows active strat orders)

3) How would you access spreads? (I normally use IB's spreads during futures rollovers but am clueless as to how this would be done in MC)

4) For those others who have tried gateway, given up and reverted back to TWS would using 3rd party tools such as IB Controller or TWStart still work with the 2 factor aunthentication?

Thanks in advance guys appreciate any comments.

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Re: IB Gateway with MC questions  [SOLVED]

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 07 Jun 2016

Hello Ming80,

1) Open PnL for Account is returned by the IB API.

2) Yes, the Order and Position Tracker window Orders tab shows the active orders you have at the broker, not only the auto trading strategy orders.
Make sure you have the Client ID configured correctly: Interactive Brokers Broker Profile

3) Spreads are not available via API. Please see Supported security types.

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