Performance Question

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Performance Question

Postby Wally_AD » 26 Jul 2016


I am using Multicharts v10 beta since some weeks.
It runs on a PC with these characteristics (laptop):
  • Windows 10
    8 GB RAM
    CPU i5-4200
    clean system, newly setup
I am raising a question, it it not a complaint.

While backtesting with Multicharts on a chart window for daily data the performance is satisfying.
When backtesting with intraday data performance is poor (in my experience). For example I use 1 minute data.
(60 * 8 = 480 data per day, roughly 125,000 data per year, 750,000 1 minute data for 5 years should not be a problem. But I do not konw how many bytes makes 1 datset (4 or 8 bytes for a 1 float value).
It looks more than CPU usage is an issue, not RAM.

And there is no suitable status indication. Any progress indication would be appreciated, so I could know how long the coffee brake can take.

Can it be that the system load for intraday data processing is much higher that for daily data, with a factor of 10 or greater?

Does the multichart team or any other user can also see a performance issue?

How are the experiences of other users?

Or is my computer the problem? it is about 1,5 years old.

best regards


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Re: Performance Question

Postby tony » 26 Jul 2016

I'm not a hardware expert but it appears your machine is adequate. Though personally I prefer a desktop which I believe has more computing power or the ability to have more. I can say when I backtest or optimize I am going back 4 years using tick data, IOG mode, so there are a lot of calculations. I may wait about 30 seconds for the calculations to be performed, AFTER waiting for tick data to be downloaded (which during cash market hours can be a tad long). I've used an older machine previously and forget it. Took way too long. So at least to me, it would appear any perception of excessive time is likely hardware related.

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