HighD and HighS in renko charts  [SOLVED]

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HighD and HighS in renko charts

Postby Automeq » 08 Nov 2017

I tried to plot HighD or HighS in a ES chart (1 minute, 1 pt size) but I don't get the High of the day or the session, like in any candlestick 1m.

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plot1(HighD(0)) or


The only think plotted is a line with value = -1 in every day/session.

These are not supposed to work in renko charts ?

(same problem, obviously, with Open, Low, Close)

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Re: HighD and HighS in renko charts

Postby TJ » 08 Nov 2017

HighD (Function)

The HighD series function allows you to reference the daily high of a previous day in an intraday chart (minute or tick-based) or a daily chart. HighD is one of a family of functions that allows historical references across various data intervals.


Returns (Double)
The daily high price from a specified number of days ago. If the PeriodsAgo parameter is out of range (> 50), or there is not enough data, the function will return –1.






Sets the number of days/periods back to reference a previous day’s high price. (50 days back maximum) (0 = Today’s current high)

You must have enough intraday data in the chart in order to look back and reference any previous daily high. For example, if you want to look back at the high of 25 days ago on a 5-minute chart, you must have at least 26 full days of 5-minute bars in the chart.

The value for the PeriodsAgo input parameter should always be a whole number greater than or equal to 0, but less than 51. Setting PeriodsAgo to 0 returns today’s current high.

In order to place a short limit order at the High of the previous day you would write:

SellShort Next Bar at HighD(1) Limit;

See Also
LowD, CloseD, OpenD, HighW, HighM, and HighY.

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Re: HighD and HighS in renko charts

Postby Automeq » 08 Nov 2017

Thanks TJ but I don't understand the description.

It says previous day which is not exactly the case if we use zero.

If I plot HighD(0) or HighS(0) in a 1m chart, I do get the high of the current day or current session (updating dynamically whenever a bar makes a new high).

Then it says "intraday chart (minute or tick-based) or a daily chart". I guess this should be valid for "intraday bar/candle/renko/... chart (minute or tick-based)".

However, although I can plot this in a 1m candle or bar chart, I can't do the same in a renko 1 min/1 point.

To avoid wasting time searching for something that doesn't exist, I was wondering if the HighD and HighS are not available for renkos for some reason.

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Re: HighD and HighS in renko charts  [SOLVED]

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 09 Nov 2017

Hello Automeq,

HighD(0), HighS(0) and all similar commands work only on intraday resolutions, Regular chart type.
They won't work on non-standard chart types (Renko, Heikin-Ashi, Custom Resolution plugins, etc).
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