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No PlotPaintBar

Postby tradingest » 01 Jan 2018

Hi all,

like exists noplot for the command Plot, exists something for no plot plotpintbar?


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Re: No PlotPaintBar

Postby MAZINGUER » 06 Jan 2018

Hi tradingest,
create an " if ..... then" block for the condition that includes the instructions to draw a paintbar.
Once the block is defined, you must use the "NoPlot (1)" instruction after an "else"
Something like this:

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If .........{conditions}........ then
   PlotPB (High, Low, "name", color)

ahh, and another thing,
note that the "plotPB" instruction is not numbered so if you want to paint some bars (that meet certain conditions) of one color and other bars (that meet other conditions) of another color, you must use the "PlotPb" instruction with the same label (in this case , "name"), but changing the color

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