Sorting Symbols in Portfolio Trader by a Value

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Sorting Symbols in Portfolio Trader by a Value

Postby trader0311 » 11 May 2018


I have an array that I use in strategies applied to single securities. The array will make a calculation and then store those calculations in the array.

I would like to explore using this same concept on a portfolio of different securities within the portfolio trader. What I don't want to have to do is to list the primary symbol (Data1) and then all of the following symbols as (Data2, data3, data4 etc etc), for each individual row.

For example, how would I calculate an indicator value for each security in the portfolio so that I could simply upload a list of securities into portfolio trader and then calculate a value for each security in the portfolio, that would be stored into the array? I envision listing all the securities in Data1 and then applying one strategy to the basket of securities.

How would the code be structured withing the Portfolio Trader to make this happen. I am unaware of how Portfolio Trader would treat/recognize an application like this?


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Re: Sorting Symbols in Portfolio Trader by a Value

Postby Anna MultiCharts » 15 May 2018

Hello, trader0311!

Please refer to the Portfolio Trader documentation and strategy examples to learn how to use them: ... lio_Trader
Portfolio Money Management Keywords: ... M_Keywords
Portfolio Trader Strategy Examples: ... y_Examples

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