PosTradeCount(PosBack) | Suggestion for more notes/details

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PosTradeCount(PosBack) | Suggestion for more notes/details

Postby JensOhle » 25 Jul 2018

Suggestion: Give more details/information about the functioning of the PosTradeCount(PosBack) keyword.

More specifically, the description "if there is a single entry and multiple scalping exits, ..." in the "Notes" section is kind of misleading. I thought in the beginning that the count would decrease in case after a specific entry (say strategy/signal A, or the "single entry") was closed by its specific exit. However, this is not true in case another entry (e.g. from strategy/signal B), that occured before or after entry A, and is still not closed.

In other words: "PosTradeCount(PosBack) with PosBack = 0 or open position" does not give you the actual/current number of open entries in a position, but the max number of entries (open or closed) in a position. Or, if you like,the historical number of entries in the open position.

I actually missed an information like the following: "Every already closed entry (of a position) that was opened while an earlier or later entry is still open, keeps being registered in PosTradeCount(0) - i.e. as an open entry - as long as one of these other entries is still open.

Or give just a more complex example for PosTradeCount(0) ...

More details on actually all Strategy Position Trades, in some way would be very, very helpful and time saving ... Thanks for your consideration.

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Re: PosTradeCount(PosBack) | Suggestion for more notes/details

Postby JensOhle » 25 Jul 2018

In addition I wanted to share a function that needed that kind of information, so may be other developpers have it a bit easier ...
If the pros find some flaws, please comment ... Thx. JO.


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// PosTradeOpen:TrueFalse;
// Returns true if the entry/trade with the entry name string as input is still open, otherwise false.

Inputs: TradeEntryName(StringSimple);
Variables: n(0);

PosTradeOpen = false;

// Run through all trades of the entries registered with the current open position (subsequent or earlier entries, still open or already closed)
For n = 0 to (PosTradeCount(0)-1)
// Check if the EntryName of the entry/trade is registered AND if the entry/trade is still open
if not PosTradeOpen
and PosTradeEntryName(0, n) = TradeEntryName
and PosTradeIsOpen(0, n)
then PosTradeOpen = true;

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Re: PosTradeCount(PosBack) | Suggestion for more notes/details

Postby Anna MultiCharts » 26 Jul 2018

Hello, JensOhle!

Yes, you’re right about the description of PosTradeCount(PosBack) in Help: it doesn’t properly reflect what the function does. We’ll rework the description.
PosTradeCount(PosBack) returns the total number of entries within a position while it is open. If you initially entered a position with 10 entries, then 1 of them was closed, but then you entered the position again with 1 more entry the function will return the number of 11 – so it counts all trades both open and closed for this position. Once the position is completely closed the function will return 0.
To check the state of a particular trade you can use PosTradeIsOpen and PosTradeIsClosed keywords.
If you’d like our engineers to review your code please email us to

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