Feature request: Poing and Figure 1 box reversal

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Feature request: Poing and Figure 1 box reversal

Postby jiaqiangmit » 16 May 2019

I think MC has surpassed TS in many feature, especially the calculation speed.
There is one thing that TS does and MC not, if MC does, will make it perfect.
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In TS, when the reversal box is set to 1, you can chose to "Enable one-step-back column building", this makes any column consists at least of Two Boxes, see below:
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This works on this way:
first column One is a down column, then there's a up box(a), then a down box(b),then a up box(c). after box a forms, the price in column One is taken (by box d), so box a is plotted in a new column Two. When box b forms, this price in column Two is empty, so box b is plotted in the same column as box a, that is column two. when up box c forms, the price is already filled with box a, so box c is plotted in a new column.
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that's the way it works, am I make myself clear and could MC add this feature?

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Re: Feature request: Poing and Figure 1 box reversal

Postby Anna MultiCharts » 31 May 2019

Hello, jiaqiangmit!

Your request has been filed and we’ll consider the possibility of adding it in future versions.

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