can i add a line of data from excel?

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can i add a line of data from excel?

Postby rokanten » 21 Jun 2019


i've saved daily endofday data into my own created symbols.
and the data comes from my broker into excel sheet.

what i do is (example)
1. choose symbol ES on QM
2. edit data
3. load-add
4. then paste a1 cell data to open, b1 cell data to high.. and so on
(daily EOD is saved on my excel sheet, OHLC volume OI, from A1 cell to F1,
and for second symbol, its from A2 to F2.. and so on)

i am doing this with autohotkey, because i trade 25 instruments which makes above job real exhausting.
can i do this with excel DDE or VBA or something else which is supported by multicharts?

getting whole data series from broker or other data vender is also possible and i know how to do it,
but i prefer to keep my own created symbols, because of some not so superbig problems.


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Re: can i add a line of data from excel?

Postby Anna MultiCharts » 24 Jun 2019

Hello, rokanten!

If your excel file is constantly updating with data, then you might find the ASCII Mapping feature useful: ... ping_ASCII
Have you tried/considered this option?

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