Correlate EL Inputs to Genetic Optimization Fields

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Correlate EL Inputs to Genetic Optimization Fields

Postby willwill7 » 08 Sep 2008

Is there a way within easy language to code the inputs so that you do not always have to go back in and re-adjust the genetic optimization fields every time you compile.

For instance if your input code went like:

ABC ( 25 / 100 / 2 ),
XYZ ( 3.5 / 14 / .005 );

And then every time you go to run a genetic optimization (especially after compiling) the above optimization fields were already in place and ready for a run.

Thanks in advanced.

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 26 Sep 2008

Hi willwill,

We'll consider the possibility of implementing such a feature in future.

For now, if you save a workspace with a strategy for which you already entered optimization inputs, when you open the workspace the next time the inputs will be there. You won't have to re-enter them. However, those settings will be lost after a compilation.

Best regards.

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