ZenFire (part one)

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ZenFire (part one)

Postby kh_model » 20 Aug 2009

I am very impressed with the way that MultiCharts collects ZenFire realtime data.

Does anyone here know if it is possible to connect to "TF" and "DX" on "NYBOT" exchange with ZenFire in MultiCharts?
I also tried "ICE" as an exchange but that did not seem to work either.

My first screenshot shows that good results can be achieved with a wide variety of ZenFire futures symbols in MultiCharts, but the symbols that are working in my screenshot are all affiliated with the CME exchange in some way. Of course, in my first screenshot "TF" and "DX" are currently disconnected because so far I have not been able to get them to work. I can get both "TF" and "DX" in realtime with ZenFire on NT, but I prefer to use MultiCharts.

Since there are many positives to MultiCharts that I have recently discovered, below I have tried to provide some ideas that I have recently been thinking about in the hopes that they may be useful to others.

The current release version of MultiCharts 5.0 "gold" is also available as a downloadable demo from the TSSupport website, so I have taken that opportunity to do some testing here.

The first picture that I have attached shows the symbols that I have been testing in QuoteManager. I am currently evaluating the ZenFire demo at Mirus Futures, which is also available at a few other brokers such as Amp Futures. In my recent tests, I have been using NT just for discretionary order entry and trade management while doing the bulk of my charting in MultiCharts.

The first step was to enter my demo username and password information to the "data source" settings for ZenFire in QuoteManager. I usually exit and restart QuoteManager after making important changes.

The next step was to add some symbols to QuoteManager. One of the many features available in QuoteManager allows InteractiveBrokers customers to browse from a list of available symbols and add them to QuoteManager. I was able to make just a few small changes to the InteractiveBrokers symbols that I added in order to convert them to a format that I could use with ZenFire. After that, I was collecting realtime ZenFire data for about 20 or so actively traded futures symbols without much trouble at all.

When I first open QuoteManager, I have noticed that I get better CPU and memory performance when I manually connect each symbol for "realtime data collection without plotting" one at a time. I can sort symbols in QuoteManager by datafeed, so all of the ZenFire symbols can be quickly placed at the top of my list for editing or other tasks. Once each symbol is connected successfully, I open MultiCharts. Each day I do that around 5:30 to 6:00 EST and leave everything running overnight. 24 hours later, I shut everything down and restart the computers, but before I close QuoteManager, I select all of the symbols and choose "disconnect". I repeat that process each day to keep my computers running at optimal performance levels.
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