ZenFire (part two)

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ZenFire (part two)

Postby kh_model » 20 Aug 2009

In QuoteManager, one may need to define the correct sessions, pt values, etc. for each symbol that one wants to use in MultiCharts, but QuoteManager provides a lot of "expert-level" flexibility when it comes to allowing one to reduce annual datafeed costs.

In my case, I was able to define my symbol settings based on examples that were provided with QuoteManager in many cases, and in other rare cases by copying examples from various places on the internet such as my broker or the exchange. The latest beta versions of MultiCharts (and the recent release of OwnData 2.7 for TS users) ship with a template that automatically assigns user-defined information to new symbols whenever they are created, but users may want to modify the list as needed. I have attached a screenshot that shows which fields in the list apply to which fields in QuoteManager, in case anyone is interested in how to get started making modifications to the list on their own. My suggestions appear in green text, but I did not try to cover every case due to time restrictions here.
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