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TL Flags

Postby WarEagle » 20 Jul 2010

Hi, is there a way to create a flag for a trendline in PL? As an example, I have 2 trendlines on a chart, and I would like to use one of them as an "active" trendline for automated trading. I would like to make an on/off flag for my trendlines for different scenarios. Thanks in advance.

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Postby Tresor » 20 Jul 2010

To supplement WarEagle's post, I would like to see (in future) trendlines acting as TakeProfit, StopLoss in manual trading.

E.g. in a number of platforms horizontal lines act as TakeProfit and StopLoss, but none I checked offers TakeProfit and StopLoss as trendlines.

Picture attached with explanation.
TL StopLoss TakeProfit in MC.png
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