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Postby shivax » 16 Jul 2014

using System;
using System.Drawing;
using System.Linq;
using PowerLanguage.Function;

namespace PowerLanguage.Indicator{
public class variable_sample : IndicatorObject {
public variable_sample(object _ctx):base(_ctx){}

private IPlotObject plot1, plot2;
private AverageFC f_avg;

VariableObject <double> simple_var;
VariableSeries <double> series_var;

public int length { get; set; }

protected override void Create() {
plot1 = AddPlot(new PlotAttributes("1", EPlotShapes.Line, Color.Red));
plot2 = AddPlot(new PlotAttributes("2", EPlotShapes.Line, Color.Yellow));

f_avg = new Function.AverageFC(this);

simple_var = new VariableObject<double>(this);
series_var = new VariableSeries<double>(this);

protected override void StartCalc() {
f_avg.length = length;
f_avg.price = Bars.Close;

protected override void CalcBar() {
simple_var.Value = series_var.Value = f_avg[0];
plot1.Set(simple_var [0] - simple_var[1]);
plot2.Set(series_var[0] - series_var[1]);

When i compile it..i don't see error....But...i can't put in my graph..said me there is error....
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Re: Compile

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 16 Jul 2014

Hello shivax,

The name of the study should match the name in the code.
These two lines:

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public class variable_sample : IndicatorObject {
public variable_sample(object _ctx):base(_ctx){}
must be changed to:

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public class Prova2 : IndicatorObject {
public Prova2(object _ctx):base(_ctx){}

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