Paper Trader Market Order execution

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Paper Trader Market Order execution

Postby wzero » 26 Jul 2017

I use Paper Trader Market Order for eSignal US Stocks, the execution behavior is not as expected. The simulated Market Order does not execution all quantity at once. For example the quantity is 100, it would fill number of position according to the bid or ask size each tick. This is not true Market Order behavior, the Market order should execution immediately (ignore bid/ask size or with slippages). The other problem is the ask/bid size is actually x100 for eSignal US Stocks. Multicharts think 1 is only 1 share and only fill 1.

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Re: Paper Trader Market Order execution

Postby Anna MultiCharts » 27 Jul 2017

Hello, wzero!

An order may get partially filled if the volume is not sufficient for this order to be filled fully.
As for the second issue, we do not modify the data that we receive from a data feed. If eSignal sends the data that is a multiple of 100, then it will be necessary to change the quantity of orders in MultiCharts correspondingly, e.g: if you need to buy 100 shares, place order for 1 in MultiCharts, if you need to buy 10000 shares – place order for 100, and so on.

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