Chart Trader line gone etc.  [SOLVED]

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Chart Trader line gone etc.  [SOLVED]

Postby bowlesj3 » 26 Jul 2017


The next day it was not working then all of a sudden it started working. See attached picture. It must have something to do with that message that was coming up about Interactive Brokers not accepting orders at the current time. I marked it as solved for now even though there are unanswered questions as to why it was happening.

I am learning/testing the chart trader on the .net version of MC using the interactive brokers paper trading account. Everything was working exactly as the video I am watching said. I even auto attached an adjustable trailing stop order with an initial stop level and a second level to adjust the stop. It is off hours so I could only see level 1 (initial stop) but it was working. It placed the order exactly the percentage I wanted below the buy order. Also The right click method of ordering was working with the "Place Order" option appearing at the top of the menu that appears when you right click on the chart. The button methods were working. The horizontal lines appeared and I could move them both to adjust them. Everything was working!

So I placed and canceled a series of orders to learn how things worked. Eventually things stopped working.
1/ Initially I was getting a strange message saying Interactive Brokers would not accept the order. To fix that I restarted

However when it came back up these were not working.
2/ The order appearing on the chart with the horizontal line was not appearing.
3/ The auto attached order was not being attached (I could tell because TWS was showing the main buy order but there was no attached adjustable trailing stop order).
4/ Even the "place order" option was missing from the top of the menu that appears when you right click on the chart.

So I decided to take both MC and TWS down.
So when everything came back up #4 was fixed and I could place orders. But #2 and #3 were still not working.

Actually I noticed that when I cancel the order from TWS the main buy order horizontal line flashes for a split second. So it seems as though MC is not displaying the line but it is there without the attached trailing stop order.

I didn't change any parameter settings. It is as if the software got annoyed because I placed about 10 orders and cancelled them all :-) If it was going to do that at least that nice voice could let me know by showing a little frustration with a comment like "Would you make up your mind!" :-)

I went to the wiki and pocked around but did not see anything about parameters.

Does anyone have any suggestions? For now I think I will call it a day and try it tomorrow during market hours.

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Re: Chart Trader line gone etc.

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 27 Jul 2017

Hello bowlesj3,

You can find your orders and their status in File -> New -> Order and position tracker window->Orders tab.
If an order is Rejected – you can check the reason of reject under the Logs tab.
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Re: Chart Trader line gone etc.

Postby bowlesj3 » 27 Jul 2017

Thanks Henry. I took a note of that in a reminder database system I wrote.

I tested the chart trader all day today and (when I finally got everything figured out and set up) my final test went perfectly. I say that because (in my database program) I precalculate everything (the trigger percentage, the trailing stop percentage, the adjusted trigger target value, and the initial trailing stop setting after the trigger gets hit) and as a result I knew exactly what I was looking for. Your program did everything exactly as I calculated. You guys did an amazing job on this. I was really impressed with all the features. The close out a position button was a real treat (cleans everything up perfectly). I have no complaints at all. It will be so much easier than using IB's TWS Mosaic. I think I can go directly to trading now and bit by bit get the scanner set up with scripts to make me work more efficiently.
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