Break Even Pt

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Break Even Pt

Postby ural01 » 08 May 2018

Hello !!! i try to use every possible setting on BreakEven but only work as some version traling stop not BreakEven at all ,
it always go below 0 position average price
GenerateBreakEvenPt , dollar or percent work same as traling stop , if you say BreakEven price mast be fix at level + position average price open

even Positions[0].MaxRunUp or Positions[0].OpenProfit >= amount; not help close 70% of trades below open price

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Re: Break Even Pt

Postby Anna MultiCharts » 10 May 2018

Hello, ural01!

Please send us your study, workspace, export of data and detailed description of how to reproduce this to for analysis.


Re: Break Even Pt

Postby ural01 » 16 May 2018

Hi , i think i find the problem , was thick size , but still GenerateBreakEvenPt just regular trailing stop , i have to set conditions that close[0] > Avg Price , or Positions[0].MaxRunUp

if use GenerateBreakEvenPt(FloorAmt); need to set condition above +0 otherwise generate - floor breack even

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