ITradingProfile PlaceOrder question

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ITradingProfile PlaceOrder question

Postby poutche » 24 May 2019


I would like to know what happens after an order is partially filled...

I suppose this order will stay in this state and never be "completely" filled, under the same Order ID...

If I'm right...
Does the broker automatically create a new order with the left contracts? If this is the case, what's the best way to follow up, catch this order I didn't create myself (via TradeManager.TradingData.Positions.Added I suppose?)


Do I have to place a new order with the "left" contracts if I see it has not been completely filled ?

Thank You

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Re: ITradingProfile PlaceOrder question

Postby Anna MultiCharts » 29 May 2019

Hello, poutche!

This depends on the broker.
Some brokers mark partially filled orders as filled fully, and in such cases it will be required to place another order yourself.
Other brokers mark partially filled orders as partially filled, and in this case the order will stay on the broker until it’s filled completely.

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