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Postby Marina Pashkova » 05 Feb 2009

Dear MCFX users,

There have been a number of changes, including new features and bug fixes, both in MCFX client version and on the data servers. The changes involve a MANDATORY upgrade of MCFX software on your computers. To be able to continue working with MCFX, you would need to upgrade by this coming Saturday (February, 7th). On Sunday (February, 8th), new server modules will be launched and most of the old client versions will not be able to log in anymore.

New versions can be downloaded from:

MCFX Basic: ... 55.400.exe
MCFX Pro: ... 96.400.exe

A list of new features and bug fixes can be found below.

New features:

• New currency pairs have been added. The new forex pairs are as follows: EURTRY, NOKJPY, NZDCAD, NZDCHF, SEKJPY, USDNOK, USDSEK, USDTRY, USDZAR.
• New authorization system has been created. The new system has been designed to prevent conflicts on the server and disruption in data when the same account is connected on two machines. Now, if you forget to log out of the program on the first machine and try to log in on the second, you will have two options: either to start a new session disconnecting the first one or to cancel logging in.
• Data from Gain Capital has been added. If the feed from FXCM is disrupted, Gain Capital’s data will start coming in, thus providing uninterrupted stream of quotes.
• Bad tick filter has been added.

Bug fixes:

• Crashes when MCFX is started for the first time and a symbol is inserted.
• Missing data when point charts are plotted.
• Data outages when an account is connected on two computers at the same time.
• Wrong BigPointValue on mini lots.
• Changes in data type (bids/asks) when the resolution is changed.
• Real-time coming in, when data is requested for a period in the past, not including the current day.
• Incompatibility with Windows 2000.
• Problems on Vista.
• Error messages when changing a symbol from the command line.
• The “Study Template” feature does not work.
• Asserts when inserting indicators.
• New bars not being created when real-time is coming in and the last bar is updating.
• Wrong session breaks.
• N-day resolutions plotted incorrectly.
• Incorrect market order prices in real-time.
• Sometimes not all requested data is returned for short data requests
• Wrong point charts when asks are requested.
• Wrong data for early 2001.
• Slow plotting of daily bars.
• Differences in data between the two servers.

With best regards,

TS Support Team

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