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Studies that have been contributed to the community by other users. If you’ve got something useful to share, that’s great!
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Just a suggestion

Postby bomberone1 » 31 May 2012

I just post any links where you could take tips to improve this great indicator.

FOMCDay function
https://community.TS.com/Disc ... c_ID=21022

Bloomgerg Economic events
https://community.TS.com/Disc ... xactMatch=

Economic news calendar
https://community.TS.com/Disc ... xactMatch=

Economic Calendar
https://community.TS.com/Disc ... xactMatch=

Forex Newsday Indicator for TS RadarScreen

The JAM Economic Calendar
is a TS Add-On that allows traders to manage their trading around economic events. You can back-test ideas such as buying and selling before and after economic reports, perform statistical analysis of market conditions around report releases, ensure your strategies close their positions correctly on early close days, or make sure you are alerted to upcoming holidays and reports.

https://community.TS.com/Disc ... c_ID=57258

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