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Help! Need a proven DLL fast for MultiCharts.

Posted: 13 Aug 2007
by Guest

I am trying hashnums32.dll for TS with MultiCharts.
I am starting to have problems getting it to read csv files.

Is there a proven DLL that is know to work well with MultiCharts.
Proven over time over many users.

I need to get this working within the trial period and I can't afford to work with DLLs that may or may not work. I need one that definitely works so if it does not I can look at what I have done rather than blame the DLL.

The features of the hashnums.dll that I have are shown in the attached manual for that DLL. Hopefully the proven one (if there is one) has these features. So if there is not one maybe the MultiCharts people can create one because it is really very important that they have a good one
that they have tested and they recommend.


Posted: 13 Aug 2007
by Marina Pashkova

It looks like what you might want to use is ADE. Many of our customers use that.

Posted: 13 Aug 2007
by ABC

wouldn't it be much easier to write the values of interest to global memory (with Global Variable for example) and access them from there directly with Access?

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