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Is it possible to format charts cursor: Date and time info?

Posted: 27 Nov 2015
by arjfca

When mouse is over a bar, it display the date and time of the bar.

Is it possible to format the info so it display also the day of the week

Snap picture:
Edit: Error on the text put on the picture: I want the day of the week, not the week of the day... :)


Re: Is it possible to format charts cursor: Date and time in

Posted: 02 Dec 2015
by OZ Trade
There is no way to customize the x-axis label of the crosshair pointer as far as I know

quick indicator for you..

first click of the mouse plots the day of the week for the bar in the middle of the screen, second click makes it disappear.. next click shows day of week again.. next click disappear etc etc..

Code: Select all

Vars: recalcpersist flipper (0);

[ProcessMouseEvents = True]

If MouseClickPrice > 0 then begin

flipper= flipper + 1;

if flipper= 1 then begin

text_new_dt(MouseClickdatetime, (GetAppInfo(aiHighestDispValue) - GetAppInfo(aiLowestDispValue))/2 + GetAppInfo(aiLowestDispValue),



if flipper= 2 then begin


flipper = 0;