Quote Manager Export restriction

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Quote Manager Export restriction

Postby Victor » 28 Feb 2007

Quote Manager downloads intraday data only in 1 minutes bars even if we select 5-min bars on the chart, regardless on the source. And as a result, we can export intraday data only in 1 minutes bars format.

Is any way to export quotes in 5-min format or other. If not now, are you planning to improve Quote Manager!?


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Andrew Kirillov
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Postby Andrew Kirillov » 01 Mar 2007

Dear Victor,

Currently there is no way to export 5-min bars data directly from QM.
You can do it easily from chart using PowerLanguage.

Do the following:
1. In PLEditor create an indicator (name it e.g. "exp5min").
2. The indicator code will be as following:

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Print(File("c:\data\mydata.txt"), Date, Time, Open, High, Low, Close);
3. Compile the indicator.
4. In MC plot a 5-min chart.
5. Insert your "exp5min" indicator to chart.
6. The indicator will export the data to "c:\data\mydata.txt" file.


Postby Victor » 01 Mar 2007

Thanks a lot!

It is fantastic and resolves my problem well.


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Postby neurotrader » 01 Mar 2007

Ditto on fantastic!!!

I have been looking for away to export 15 minute data.

Thank you Andrew

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