PaintBar or ShowMe bar code?

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PaintBar or ShowMe bar code?

Postby jmi88 » 14 May 2007

Can someone help me code an indicator for a simple 15 minute bar reversal, someting like if this bars low is lower than previous bars low and close is greater than previous not sure..paint the bar? or show a dot? or somehow point to it...

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Postby Nick » 15 May 2007

Sadly I don't think paintbars are supported yet so I guess that leaves a dot. Personally I would have preferred to see basic stuff like paintbars rather than fancy stuff like genetic optimisations (I have expensive software that does that gathering dust on the shelf) but I can understand how from a marketing point of view the latter may appear more exciting.


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Postby chop » 15 May 2007

If (conditions) then

Normally I just do PlotPaintBar(H,L,O,C,"somename",Color);

This takes up Plots 1-4, so if you're using the same code to plot other things, start with Plot5(whatever).

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