MaxContractProfit and ContractProfit

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MaxContractProfit and ContractProfit

Postby kiyi0317 » 10 Sep 2018

dear sir,
I using MC+IB, I had no problem to used MaxContractProfit and ContractProfit function for IB account that has subscribe data fm IB. but when I using MC for various IB accounts at the same time, I found that MaxContractProfit and ContractProfit just workable with the IB accounts which has subscribe IB data, other accounts are not function at all when they are not subscribe data from IB. is it some restriction on above function?

right now, I using eSignal data for MC, but it seems also need to subscribe data with IB if I need to make MaxContractProfit and ContractProfit workable, is it correct?


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Anna MultiCharts
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Re: MaxContractProfit and ContractProfit

Postby Anna MultiCharts » 17 Sep 2018

Hello, kiyi0317!

Broker profiles do not make any difference for these keywords. They can work without any broker connections, meaning that’s enough to have trades on the chart for them to work, like in backtesting.
There’re not many keywords that get the values from the broker directly, e.g MarketPosition_at_Broker and AvgEntryPrice_at_Broker – these keywords won’t work in backtesting, only in real trading.

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