MC/Broker mismaching

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Jul 09 2024

Hi everyone,
It's happening to me very often that MC is misaligned with Interactive Brokers' WTS. I thought it was the fault of the MC15 version and I downgraded to version 14, but even today I noticed a misalignment. In the "Strategy Positions" tab I see the strategy in position but the "Broker Position" column is 0, in the "Open Position" tab my position is not there but in the IB WTS the position is there. It's not the first time this has happened to me. To resolve it I need to restart MC.
Do you have any idea to how fix it?


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Jul 10 2024


When the behaviour occurs, please send us a Feedback report, we'll look into it.
To send it: Help → Feedback.
In the Feedback window select the following options:
  • Attach a screenshot; (please make sure the position in IB TWS and the lack of it in MC is visible)
  • Attach log files…;
  • Snapshot of the current MC setup;
  • Open workspaces…;
  • Upload collected data to Help Desk;
    uncheck other options and click Send.

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Jul 10 2024

ok thanks, I will.