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york timothy
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Postby york timothy » 17 Jul 2008

Hello Marina,
I have switched to DTNIQ as my data provider. Is there an easy way to switch my symbols from the ESIGNAL suffix "-TC" to the DTNIQ prefix "C."? As an example the ESIGNAL symbol for Denison Mines is DML-TC and the DTNIQ symbol for the same company is C.DML . I watch about 300 different stocks so doing this manually is a big chore and want to cut this down if possible. Thank you.

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Marina Pashkova
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Postby Marina Pashkova » 18 Jul 2008

Hi Tim,

There is no way to edit those symbols the way you are describing.

However, the problem can be solved in a different way. When adding symbols from IQ Feed, just type in the prefix that is used in those symbols and you'll receive the complete list of symbols containing this prefix. You can then highlight the ones that you need and bulk-add them all at once.


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