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MultiCharts 4.0

Postby Stanley Miller » 22 Oct 2008

Version 4.0 of MultiCharts released:


Real-Time Market Scanner
MultiCharts market scanner is an indispensable tool for screening quotes and ranking the financial instruments that you monitor. While being very easy to use, the MultiCharts scanner is a powerful tool featuring:
• 5000-symbol capacity (per Scanner window)
• Symbol sorting either on a per-second basis or according to the timer
• Ability to mix different data feeds within the same Scanner window
• Operations based both on real-time and end-of-day data
• Access to locally stored data
• Support of different custom sessions for different symbols
• Ability to use different resolutions across the rows
• Support of all the resolutions available in MultiCharts
• Linking of symbols within a Scanner window to a chart
• Ability to plot a chart directly from the Scanner with a mouse-click
• Ability to choose the number of bars/days back for study calculations
• Ability to apply changes made in indicators or in symbol resolution to all
• Custom visual, audio, and e-mail alerts
• Dedicated market trend histogram
• Direct access to PowerLanguage Editor to view and modify study scripts
• Cell background and text coloring based on your criteria
• Script-driven text generation in the Scanner cells
• 200+ built-in studies to choose from
• Multiple-core and multiple CPU support

Auto Trading
• Synchronous Mode for Auto Trading. Synchronous Auto Trading mode (SAT) is a mode when orders are plotted on the chart only after they have been executed at the broker. SAT helps you to avoid discrepancies between the market position according to the chart and the one on the broker's end under the following conditions:
1. One strategy is applied to one symbol
2. The market position at the broker equals zero at the time when auto trading is launched
3. A trader does not trade the symbol via the terminal during auto trading
4. During the connection loss, the broker did not send notifications about full order filling (cancellation)
• Status Switch/Indicator for Auto Trading. This is an element in the chart status-line to control auto trading. It allows users to quickly enable/disable auto trading. The color of the switch indicates the auto trading status (on/off).
• Support of institutional IB accounts added
• "Category" added in the Symbol Dictionary

• Custom Fitness Function. Traders can set their own search criteria for strategy optimization. Optimization based on multiple criteria allows finding strategies that meet a number of conditions instead of maximizing a single performance measure. This feature is supported both in regular and portfolio back-testing. It can be deployed by both genetic and exhaustive search optimization.

Data Feeds and Data Management
• Big Point Value = 100,000,000. It is now possible to set Big Point Value that equals 100,000,000.

• NexGen add-ons have been built into the platform
• Individual markers for each plot within a study can be enabled/disabled
• Hollow candlesticks added

A new chart style has been added - Hollow Candlestick. The rules for Hollow Candlestick coloring and filling are as follows:

The color of bars depends on the relation of Close for the previous bar (c1) and the current bar (c2):

If c1 If c1=c2, the lines are colored 'neutral' (e.g. grey)
If c1>c2, the lines are colored 'down' (e.g. red)

Whether the bars are filled or remain hollow depends on the relation of Open and Close of the current bar:

If Open < Close, the candlesticks will be hollow
If Open > Close, the candlesticks are colored 'up', 'down', or 'neutral'
If Open = Close, the candlesticks look like a horizontal line

• Paintbars on Candlesticks Fully Supported. Paintbars on candlesticks are now fully supported and the bodies of candles are painted properly • E-mail alerts. E-mail alerts for indicators and drawings have been added • Last price marker for individual indicator plots. It is now possible to turn on/off price markers for individual plots of an indicator


• GetAppInfo function not fully supported
• 'Strategy Calculating' message is shown in the Status Line when nothing is being calculated
• If a study has more than 2 plots, their order after re-compiling changes
• MultiCharts crashes if a detached window is closed while optimization is running
• Data for Bonds is not plotted if a symbol from this category is added from a data provider
• Format Drawing -> Text if you choose 'Top' for the text, it will be placed below the line, if you choose 'Bottom', it will be placed above the line
• Some data in a data series disappears when applying MACD Gradient on a series updated in real-time with the Hint window enabled
• 'Not enough series length' when an indicator is applied to a chart with more than one data series plotted
• Under certain conditions, symbols cannot be plotted in the same chart window
• Hot keys are functional when a workspace's name is being changed
• A single chart window in a workspace is displayed as inactive (Windows classical theme)
• When undocked toolbars are being moved, they 'stick' to the cursor
• Asserts when working with a detached chart window for which the Export Data window has been called
• When using All Attached/All Detached options for multiple chart windows, those windows are not displayed correctly
• Different number of decimal places for the same indicators
• 'Catastrophic failure' when an indicator is applied to an ASCII mapped file
• Asserts when merging a live feed with ASCII mapping
• To have a chart with an ASCII mapped symbol plotted, tsServer.exe must be restarted
• Charts with ASCII mapping cannot receive data with certain daily requests
• The increment of 2 (instead of 1) is used when increasing the plot weight by using the 'Increase Weight' button
• Rounded bar tips remain unpainted when using paintbars
• Problems with Volume bar plotting (small bars within a session)
• Unintelligible characters in the main menu toolbar
• The windows will not keep their position after Detach/Attach
• A minimized detached window cannot be restored

• Sharpe Ratio is displayed as equal 0 in the Strategy Performance Report
• Sharpe Ratio is not calculated correctly
• Sortino Ratio is not calculated correctly
• Calmar Ratio is not calculated correctly
• Upside Potential Ratio is not calculated correctly
• Max Intraday DrawDown results are different in the Strategy Performance Report as compared to the Optimization Report
• When a strategy reverses a position (enters a position opposite to the existing one) the slippage and commission are only accounted for once (for either exit or entry, but not both)

Portfolio Backtesting
• Information Symbols starting with Data #3 cannot be used
• Wrong calculation of drawdown in the performance report
• MaxDrawDown in the Performance Report is very different from that in Optimization
• Limit/stop orders result in the division by zero if the price = 0

• Functions LowestFC and Highest FC return NumericSimple
• The keyword 'once' is not supported
• The structure 'if…switch…then…switch' will not compile
• The structures 'if…else' and 'else…once…' will not compile
• Compile error with the Switch operator
• Profit Target is not calculated properly
• Strategy exits with the default number of contracts
• Bug with EntryPrice, MarketPosition in signal inputs causes the following exception: Invalid operation with floating point
• Wrong calculation of OpenPositionProfit
• Wrong calculation of Mov Avg Weighted
• Errors in the AverageArray function
• Wrong MaxIDDrawDown calculation
• When using a Study Template, the Open Script option only works for one of the studies in the template
• Problems when using the PLKit to access arrays
• Statements such as value1 = (close,open); can be compiled

Auto Trading
• The following TWS option is not supported: 'Allow order to be … filled outside of regular trading hours.'
• The Symbol Dictionary does not use the symbol's currency
• Auto trading does not work for Stock Options symbols
• Disconnect timeout does not work properly
• If TWS 888 is used, error occurs when auto trading is enabled
• Auto trading for TFZ8 from IB cannot be enabled

QuoteManager and Data
• When mapping ASCII files with the 30-minute resolution, the No data message is shown
• Slow loading of long symbol lists from TS
• The No data message is shown for tick resolutions after changing Session Time Zone in QuoteManager

• Optimization time increased compared to the 3.0 version

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