Beta 3 Problems

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Beta 3 Problems

Postby mojotrader » 25 Feb 2009

1. Track Price using the cross doesn't work. Edit: Works on Point but not my Vol charts

2. Track Time using the cross doesn't work when scrolling a chart window using the mouse wheel. In prev releases, I could scroll a chart leaving the cross stationary over a window and the time displayed for the cross would update to reflect current position of the cross.

3. I use three charts on the same instrument, each on a different time frame. I used to be able to click on one chart and have the other charts automatically position to the time on the chart I clicked on. This doesn't work correctly anymore. It's intermittent. It seems to work on Point not Volume charts.

4. I used to use SetPlotColor[1] to paint indicators correctly from the last bar to current bar. With this Beta, I had to remove the [1] to get indicators painted correctly.

5. Indicators appear to be updating with no movement of bar. For example, the very last values for Keltner channel and horiz lines on chart window appear to be updating with no movement in price.

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Postby geizer » 26 Feb 2009

1. Daily charts screwed:

- Time, Date of last daily candle is incorrect (Time is 1:59, Date- tomorrow)
- I am observing random clones of daily candles (exact same H, L, O, C)
- Free Quotes data feed have holes in the daily charts

2. When inserting the new symbol into the chart the dialog does not show all available symbols. For example list of 500 symbols truncated and show only symbols from A-L. To select symbol 'XYZ' I actually need to press X on the keyboard to have all the symbols starting with X displayed. This was reported previously, I want to believe that it still on your list to be fixed

Having Trend-lines specific to Symbol rather then the chart Window is great This is a major improvement. Thank you very much.


Please get the major basic things right.

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Postby brendanh » 26 Feb 2009

Still no explanation of IB broker settings in Help: All or None Execution, Disable auto trading after x seconds after connection loss (what does 0 mean?). Are they a secret?

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