Out of memory

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Out of memory

Postby janus » 14 Jun 2009

I'm using 5 dynamic numeric arrays. At some point when I need to extend them more the study crashes with an "out of memory" message. OK, these are large arrays but not that huge. I just created a test study with 5 dynamic arrays and extended them 1 at a time. The study crashes when each array has 27,194 elements. I've used arrays 1000 times bigger in other languages. Is there a setting somewhere I can change to increase the maximum memory that MC can handle? There's plenty of free physical memory on my system when I run the studies so that's not the problem.

Addendum: The 27,194 figure above was obtained after I was running MC for a long time testing other studies. When I started a fresh session of MC, the figure was much larger. Each time I removed and re-run the study the figure was lower. The results were:
7700000 for the 1st run
3500000 for the second run
2300000 for the third run

Very odd I got such a low figure the other time - there must have been another study at the time hogging too much memory in MC.

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