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Feb 25 2006

:D hello

thanks for the great software
could you please develop color coded volume bars for each price levels with footprints (Volume data for each price level as well total volume at the bottom) similar to MD charts


Feb 26 2006

I asked for this a month or two ago myself. :D

I'd also still love to get it, but I got the canned "we'll get to it someday" answer. Which is understandable. There are still alot of stability issues and missing core functionality with the current product. I'd rather they get the bugs squashed first personally.

I also asked how to access whether trades are executed at bid or ask, but was told this was not possible. I was hoping to at least rig something up myself to use until they got to something.


Feb 26 2006

maybe someone will come up with eld file for this :shock:

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Alex Kramer
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Feb 27 2006

Nice charting idea, looks good.
Surely, this can be implemented using eld with the aid of a skilled programmer.


Feb 27 2006

Alex do you think you could implement this kind of charting in your next release? That would realy enchanced MCH and help your business case 8)

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Alex Kramer
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Feb 28 2006

Thanks for the trust in me, but sorry, I don't code in EL :(
Contact someone who does that professionally - or just wait for someone on this forum to respond, maybe someone will be interested.


Feb 28 2006


The first two posts in this subject ask if the programmers from Multicharts could initiate this type of charting style within the MC framework.

The second poster,'Piffle' relayed that he asked for this feature over a month ago,and was told by the MC staff that "we'll get to it someday''.

Neither one of these posters asked that it be done in easy language,that was done by a third poster,and apparently you picked up that theme,and have stuck with it.

As far as I can tell from reading this subject,one of the posters was told this feature would be implemented in the future,and of course your response of putting it into the hands of an expert easy language programmer-s.

Could you and the rest of the staff get together and give a definitive answer to the original request,as far as what the 'official' MC stance is about this request?

Of course I too agree with Piffle's statement of getting the "stability issues and missing core functionality" fixed First..



Mar 17 2006

l :?: innsoft just added to their package , I hope Multicharts will get that too


Mar 20 2006

check that chart , linnsoft really improved

they did that in only few days after some users request in MP chart room
hope we could get that in Multicharts


Mar 22 2006

look how this chart tells the story about volume distribution!!TradeMaven1.png

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Mar 23 2006

I have to offer:

MarketProfile as Time at Price, Volume at Price drawn with TL's,
or as rolling MP only plotted the HVA and LVA with POC.

My email address you can find in the memberlist. If you contact me, I send you for these two indicators (one for Time at Price and the other one for Volume at Price) an offer. Please stop to ask for sharing!

MarketProfile (Volume at Price).png
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MarketProfile (Time at Price).png
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Alex Kramer
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Mar 23 2006

Congratulations, you did a great job, looks fine!


Apr 02 2006!!MPT_ZBZN1.png

this what can you see on delta , and can't on any other product
we need that in multicharts

good trading to everyone


Apr 14 2006

that would be a helpfull future in Multicharts!!MPT5.png


Apr 20 2006

super looking charts ,with value area and market profile , this is what I'm looking for that too
hope someone will implement this in Multicharts


May 01 2006

MArket profile charts will make me order your software , I'm looking for them in TS8 but nothing as good as what I see in this post