MC - DOM - trying to move an order may increases # of cntrs  [SOLVED]

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May 10 2011

This has been already acknowledged as a bug by "Multicharts" on BigMike forum.
See details below:

"MC DOM issuesv 7.3
I've started to use the MC DOM early this week. Generally like it what I had so far however I've noticed the following issues:

Version I am using: MultiCharts Discretionary Trader Version 7.0 Beta 3 (Build 46)

1/ Placing an order clicking on the bid/ask field and than moving up or down the order. A few times now it happened to me that the number of contracts were increased while I was moving the original order... in fact today that cost me $$$ too since I did not notice the fact for a while that I had one too many contracts was bought and I was long 1 contract, while I've thought I was flat.

It seems depends where you click on the buy/sell field, sometimes it moves with no issues and sometimes moves the field with increasing the number a contracts... pretty dangerous if unnoticed...

This is a bug in my mind and shall be a fixed maybe in a similar fashion as on IB book trader configuration.


Reply from "Multicharts"
Thank you very much for reporting this behaviour. We reproduced it, and documented a bug. It has already been fixed.

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May 12 2011

atata, thank you for posting this here.