Display Issues On Latest Beta

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Display Issues On Latest Beta

Postby widgetman » 18 Nov 2006

I was wondering if anyone had been experiencing issues with displaying text on the right side of the charts. Listed below is a simple tick counter routine I found somewhere. It works just fine in TS8 but in MC it seems to randomly display and not display the tick count. I have also experienced other indicators shifting the text too far to the right so that no matter how far I change the offset in the format window X scale tab I still can't see the text. Any ideas would be appreciated.

// Tick Counter Logic

If CurrentBar = 1 then // CurrentBar is reserve word
TXT_CursorPlusNum = Text_New(Date, Time, Close, " ");
ticksremaining = barinterval - ticks;
ticksremaining = barinterval - ticks;
STR_CursorPlusNum = Space + Cursor + Space + NumToStr(ticksremaining, 0);

Text_SetLocation(TXT_CursorPlusNum, Date, Time + 1, Close);
Text_SetString(TXT_CursorPlusNum, STR_CursorPlusNum);
Text_SetStyle(TXT_CursorPlusNum, 0, 2);

if ticksremaining < threshold then
Text_SetColor(TXT_CursorPlusNum, Color3)
else if ticksremaining < 2* barinterval/3 then
Text_setcolor(TXT_CursorPlusNum, Color3)
Text_setcolor(TXT_CursorPlusNum, Color3);


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Alex Kramer
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Postby Alex Kramer » 20 Nov 2006

first of all, the ticks reserved word indicates upticks+downticks, i.e. up volume+down volume.
Barinterval is the key word describing the symbol's resolution, i.e. if the symbol is in 5 seconds resolution, then barinterval returns 5.
If the series is not tick-based, there is no way to find how many ticks are left till end of the bar. If the series is tick-based, see the "ticks" definition above - there's no number of left or passed ticks in that value.

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Postby miltonc4 » 21 Nov 2006

I use Point Charts and enquire do you have an inducator that shows how much time is left, or how many ticks are left before the current bar is completed


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Postby widgetman » 27 Nov 2006

Hi Alex,
Thanks for looking at the script I posted. This script works fine in TS8 so I assumed it would work in MC. I will take a look at it and see if I can figure out why MC is not happy.

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