Exclude trading times

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Exclude trading times

Postby yonobarn » 09 Apr 2012

Is there a way to identify a time on a particular date, and not trade x minutes either side of that time on that date?

For example, the input is 1120410 (April 10, 2012) and 900 (9:00am) and we do not want to trade 30 minutes before or 60 minutes after.

Data is 1 minute bars.

Many thanks in advance.

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Roman MultiCharts
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Re: Exclude trading times

Postby Roman MultiCharts » 11 Apr 2012

Hello yonobarn,

Here's the samle code that you can use in your strategy

Code: Select all


variables: Trading_Time(True);

If date = Date_To_Trade then

If Time  >  Start_Time-70 and Time < Start_Time then Trading_Time = false;
If Time  >  Start_Time  and Time < Start_Time+60 then Trading_Time = false;
If time > Start_Time+60 then Trading_Time = true;

If Trading_Time = True then

//your strategy script
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