RSI changes on shut down of MC and restart.

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RSI changes on shut down of MC and restart.

Postby bowlesj3 » 27 Apr 2012

I think this may have been discussed a long time ago but I have forgotten the details and probably can not find the thread anyway so I thought I would bring it up again.

I decided to shut MC down and bring it up again to free some memory so I could take a bmp picture snapshot. I was very aware of some of the RSI values when I did this. When I brought MC back up the highest RSI value in a series of swings had exceeded 80 where as before this the highest was about 79. So it seems that the RSI being computed from the live data is not the same as the RSI during the backfill on restart (I see this pretty much every time I take MC down and bring it back up). My first guess as to the cause is the time stamps on the bars are different (the bars are different). At the very least the close of the bars are different which of course could effect the highs and lows too. I have the before and after picture but I think there is no need to prove it. I am curious if the answer is such that there is no point in creating a PM request that the RSI be the same when MC is restarted as before it was taken down.

As an after thought, I remember reading that to shut MC down properly there is a certain process that needs to be shut down. (as an aside I have a request for an MC restart option for MC to deal with this automatically). Is it possible that not shutting this process down could be involved in the issue.

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Re: RSI changes on shut down of MC and restart.

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 27 Apr 2012

Hello Bowlesj3,

I assume you are using IB data on a minute timeframe.
Real time minute data for IB data feed is built from ticks. These minute bars are not saved to the database because the bar can be different from the actual historical minute bar.
IB provides historical minute data. So MultiCharts requests the minute data from IB server next time you start MultiCharts. That is expected that you can receive slightly different indicator calculation results due to this data discrepancy.
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