Positions Match: False

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Positions Match: False

Postby MAtricks » 17 Sep 2012

-SA turned on
-Strategy enters
-For some random reason MC disconnects. Whether it be internet outage, connection issue between MC and the broker, or me undocking my laptop and going mobile with it.
-Open position is still live with a p/l
-Turn SA back on
-Strategy positions do not "match" so it will not exit the current position.

This is a silly and very dangerous problem. What if this happened in the middle of the night right before a news announcement??! I'm sure there is a workaround or a fix, but why wouldn't the platform default to exiting a live position on the chart if you've clicked the SA on the chart???

Is there a simple fix for this? I'm hoping that there's a check somewhere in the Strategy Properties?

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Henry MultiСharts
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Re: Positions Match: False

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 18 Sep 2012

Check this topic for explanation: Behavior after connection lost
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