Market Data Replay

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Market Data Replay

Postby Hubace789 » 19 Nov 2012

From my understanding, indicators are re-created when performing replay of historic market data. However, is it possible to also display the performance of a strategy (Buy on crossover, sell on crossover) in this mode? For example, if I am replaying 2008 USD/CAD with minute bars: Can the replay mode view a strategy (MA Crossover), and display the points at which the strategy would have bought or sold throughout the year? Is it possible to create a script that the replay thinks is an indicator, but is in fact the buy/sell points of a strategy? I hope I'm making myself clear. Appreciate the response.

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Re: Market Data Replay

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 20 Nov 2012

Hello Hubace789,

Data Playback is a useful tool for traders wishing to stream data step-by-step data backward and forward in order to see how their strategy would behave in real-time. It allows playback of market data with the specified speed and resolution. Please refer to this article for more information: Data Playback

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