Finding a good ISP for MC use (comparison web sites)

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Finding a good ISP for MC use (comparison web sites)

Postby bowlesj3 » 03 Dec 2012

Because MC gets it data via the internet I decided to create this thread since it would be useful for traders. Yesterday I stumbled on what looks like a great website for comparing Internet service providers. It is for Canada so if you are from Canada it may be very useful. If you are not from Canada and you are not aware of any site serving your area it may inspire you to search for similar web sites serving your area (you may want to check out its features). Also others may want to post to this thread if they know of similar ISP comparison sites for other countries.

On this site the users sign up and write reviews. Note that I want to see if I can find other similar sites for my area to see if I can verify a similar user complaint/praise pattern for the same ISPs.
One tip, I used a text to voice software to read a fairly large number of subscriber comments about two of the ISPs. It was a lot faster than my ability to read all of them. The text to voice reader will read anything you put in the clipboard using ctrl+C in windows.

I stumbled on it because my ISP is a large one that sets a very high monthly fee and only gives you a fair rate if you complain and they are afraid you may leave them for a competitor. They use what they call "a retention department" in the business. If a regular customer service person suspects you may leave they forward your call to a retention specialist who has the authority to give you a good deal. Unfortunately this tactic causes the subscriber extra work in the form of phone calls etc. I am thinking of switching to a provider that simply offers a good rate period rather than hoping it has a high percentage of customers who are too busy/tired/rich/lazy/whatever to shop around and willing to pay this excessively high rates. I know of someone getting the exact same service I am getting who is paying an extra $30 per month because he did not shop around and threaten to leave.
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