Indicator/signal wishlist?  [SOLVED]

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Postby Hubace789 » 03 Dec 2012

Hi all,

Since I am new here, I'm not sure of the pre-existing culture and laws of this forum.

How does everyone feel about sharing indicators and signals that are not pre-built into the system? Is it just a common rule that this discussion is kept on the FF boards?

I ask because I have a few indicators/signals I would like to have built/trade with others for, but since I'm literally just getting started, I may not be of value yet to the seasoned vets in this forum. As well, maybe in the project management section there is room for such a wish-list that MC Support can include with updates? An example would be a fractal channel indicator/signal... I have only been able to find such in MQ4 format using Google.

Please guide me in the right direction if this has been discussed before or if I'm in the wrong area.


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Re: Indicator/signal wishlist?

Postby Hubace789 » 03 Dec 2012


Is any member on here willing to answer a few questions I have to get started? General questions not in the MC Wiki such as:

- How/where can I get my strategies coded? (By a .Net FX specialist)
- How can I get historical ASCII data files for back-test purpose (EUR/USD?, so I don't have to subscribe to my data feed yet?)
- If you were to begin over again, how would you set up your infrastructure? (I'm not looking for advice on how to trade).

Essentially, I built a brand new computer that can run fast and cold, I have purchased, am using IB (with no data feed except US Stocks), and am aiming to purchase eSignal once I have backtested my personal strategies that need to be coded. Knowing what you know now, is there anything crucial you can recommend?

I want to contribute to this board and the MC community. I believe in sharing and helping. As of right now I will not be of great assistance, but I will be grateful to anyone willing to lend a hand in getting me started.


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Re: Indicator/signal wishlist?  [SOLVED]

Postby Henry MultiСharts » 03 Dec 2012

Hello Eric,

1) Non-prebuilt studies are shared in User Contributed Studies section of our .Net Forum.
2) If you want to request adding a study to the prebuilt package - you can do that in the Project Management of our web site.
3) You can hire MultiCharts coders to create a study for you. Please contact us directly if you are interested in custom programming. You can also look for a programmer on our discussion forum or over the Internet.
4) Historical Data Source (Free and Paid) discussion here
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