DesktopGate remote control and monitoring

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DesktopGate remote control and monitoring

Postby drivemac » 11 Jan 2013

Hi everybody ,
what do you think about subject to the following?
when i was searching remote management-monitoring and controling software from forum web sites I came across this blog
Head Line : DesktopGate
Pros: Very efficient remote desktop for viewing your employees at office when you are outside. Program is warming clients only trial version, you can monitoring employees multi screen on your desktop and remote control management

Cons: There is no application for apple or android yet. Only working on windows XP-Vista-Win7-Win8

View all company computers in one window from inside or outside the officeView Computer UsageRecord all messenger, facebook, email & chat historyMonitor PC's with/without notification to usersStore all activity history of company computers in one central location using secure connection Remote Control any Computer File Transfer Send Messages or Start Chat Get Reports of Past Activity,Clipboard History,Application History,Visited Web Sites,Activity Logs ( all activities),Messenger Logs

Has anyone tried this program ? I wonder

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